Three Critical Security Measures for Your Commercial IT Network


Business information technology networks are essential for promoting efficiency in modern commercial operations. In general, these IT structures increase the speed of data processing and enhance the convenience of storage and communications. Unfortunately, there are numerous threats to computer security which can comprise the company data. These problems include hacking and malware infection. If your digital systems are attacked, you will experience losses due to prolonged downtime, and your customers might no longer trust your operation due to the breach. If you have just set up your IT network, consider using these simple tips to promote ideal security.

Install Firewalls and Antimalware 

You should maintain robust firewalls in your commercial IT network. This security feature can prevent most cyber threats. A firewall is a system which is designed to monitor and control the movement of data from and into your network. This filter uses predetermined rules to ensure that your confidential data is not leaked and malicious materials are not sent to your system. Also, antimalware software is critical for the security of your computers. This type of application will protect your network against damage from viruses, worms, ransomware and spyware. 

Perform Regular Network Scans

Your network can be attacked and compromised even if you install security software elements. However, most breaches take time, and they can be detected if the commercial IT systems are evaluated on a regular basis. Therefore, you should perform regular scans of the network to identify potential threats and weaknesses in your setup. In ideal circumstances, you should hire a managed IT services provider. This type of firm will be responsible for constant monitoring of the activities in your network. If a hacker targets a specific part of your operation, they will discover the problem by analysing the network usage patterns. Consequently, they will strengthen the protection, preventing unforeseen issues.

Update Your Operating System and Software

One of the most commonly overlooked security measures is updating the software used in the company network. Hackers have found their way into the large corporations and small businesses alike by identifying flaws in the standard applications, operating systems and business software used in companies. If you have old programs, you are more vulnerable because malicious hackers have already identified the weaknesses in the design. By updating the software, you will install the security patches and bug fixes which could be utilised in a cyber attack.

If you would like to learn more about commercial network security, you should consult an information technology services provider, such as C Tech Solutions.


9 October 2017

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